Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking back on 3 years

So here we are, 3 years into what I thought was going to be this horrible ordeal at that 33 week appointment. I couldn't be more wrong. Although there have been tough times and there will be more ahead of us. I really should have listened to those people that told me to be happy that it wasn't something worse. I hear stories about kids with heart defects that have open heart surgery, kids with cancer, etc. It breaks my heart to think that I at one time put myself in the same camp as these people. We are so lucky to have Luke and he really was a gift for us. He has taught us so much as parents and as people. He will give his sister the gift of knowing that its okay for kids to look different. He gave Matt and I the gift of a son but also pushed us further along in our spiritual journey. And like a lot of bad things do, he gave me a passion for something. When we went through this, we didn't have anyone to bounce issues off of, we didn't even know anyone that had a child or even knew a child with a cleft and its a pretty common defect. Since then I've been able to reach out to other parents and help them answer those questions I needed answered. I have also been able to get involved financially to help less fortunate kids get those badly needed surgeries and just be there to support them. What a blessing that is. And of course, this Blog is all because of him and a way to share our story. We hope you enjoy. Thank you Luke and we love you so much!

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