Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 year appt in Iowa City

In the weeks leading up to Luke's appt in Iowa City we started to prepare him for the scope. The doctor had told us it would be better not to tell him but we disagreed as we thought it would it would be better if he knew what was going to happen. A little bribery is always an option too. We told him if he did a good job and let the doctor stick the straw up his nose and talked for him that he could pick out a toy at Target. It seemed he was all ready to go as long as mommy was going to be there with him. So we get to our appt with the speech therapist and he sits down with Luke like normal to take him through the flash cards so Luke can name them all. Kind of nerve wracking as parents as you watch your 3 year old take a test. He did awesome and annunciated even better than we knew he could on some words. The therapist was so impressed, he cancelled the scope and told us that with regulary therapy he thinks Luke will be fine. It was an awesome day and we were so proud of Luke and SO THANKFUL for our AEA therapist, Mandy. We were so excited that Luke got to pick out his toy anyway. Cars of course.

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